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Who we are

A teacher paired with a designer

From the perspective of a designer and teacher, we view travel as a time to fully discover the world, engage with your surroundings and learn from others. We have the desire to put our separate professional skills into collaboration with our shared passion for travel.

As open-minded travellers, we are constantly thinking and learning while we take on our journey from country to country. Ultimately, we aspire to teach others about travelling the world through a creative approach.

We are both curious travellers who are constantly searching for ways to experience, understand and appreciate the uniqueness to any country we visit. Whenever we venture out, it is important for us to feel a sense of engagement when experiencing different changes of society and culture.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

Curious Travellers

Tanah Lot, Indonesia
Nacpan Beach, Philippines
Florence, Italy

Why do we do it

We travel for a long list of reasons but are motivated by the exhilaration from new experiences, opportunities to return back to history and view life from modern cultures.

As well as the possibilities for self growth from facing all sorts of challenges.

What's in a name?

A Future Away

‘A Future Away’ can be openly viewed from any traveller’s own perspective. To us, it means leaving your past behind and focusing on what the future holds for you while you plan your next travel destination. Furthermore, it expresses to all travellers to have an optimistic vision on your future travels, and to keep in mind that it is only a step away.

‘A Future Away’ is our way to connect with others by writing about our travelling experiences through an informative, creative and personal approach. We hope that our blog guides you to find what it is that you are searching for when you are planning your future away.

Santorini, Greece