Nusa Penida: Exploring the East Coast

We had to leave Nusa penida earlier than exepected today so unfotunately had to cut our trip short. This meant we didn’t get the opportunity to climb down to Diamond Beach or see some of the other areas the east coast is famous for.

However, what we did see made up for it and Diamon beach, especially, exceeded expectations.

Goa Giri Putri Cave

A ceremony happening inside the cave

Starting the day off with something different, we visited a temple located in a massive underground cave.

Our driver stopped in a car park just outside and directed us to where we could rent a sarong. We paid 5k each.

After climbing up some steps you’ll be blessed and then be required to sign your name in a visitors book. You’ll then get directed to a tiny hole in the ground that leads to the cave.

It’s incredibly atmospheric inside, all you could hear were the echoes of chanting and praying. You can walk all the way through to the exit and then follow the road to the right which will take you back to the main road where you can find the car park.

Diamond Beach

The swing down below on Diamond Beach

The coastline of Nusa Penida thus far has not failed to disappoint! We let out an audible ‘holy shit’ upon seeing seeing the full view of Diamond Beach.

The white cliffs juxtaposed against the turquoise waters and palm trees looked unbelievably beautiful. We couldn’t stop taking photos.

There are few areas to check out for different views and there is, of course, the beach down below.

Famous views of Diamond Beach

We unfortunately arrived here during a very busy time and didn’t get the chance to make our way down the staircase to the beach as we were on a tight time frame so we opted to take the walk down to Atuh Beach instead as we heard it was a better place to swim.

Atuh Beach

Views of Atuh Beach and rock formations in the bay

There is another steep staircase near the entrance for Diamond Beach which takes you to Atuh Beach. The surface down is difficult but a rope is attached to the cliff side which makes it easier (and feel much safer).

Lena walking into the water

Atuh Beach is a great place to stop and chill as there are restaurants and beach chairs all along the beach.

Once again, a stunning rock formation sits out in the bay just waiting to be photographed. Coming here for sunrise would be a treat.

Thousand Island & Treehouse Viewpoint

The monument marking the viewpoint

Our last stop for the day we’re the Thousand Island & Treehouse Viewpoints.

The shots of the treehouse are quite famous on Instagram, and you can get your own shot for just 50k if you’re so inclined.

Diamond Beach in the distance and ongoing construction

To reach this area requires another steep walk down some stairs which we had become pros at during our time on this island.

The main viewpoint offers sweeping views of Diamond Beach and more. There is not much else to do here other than take photos of the surroundings.

Last thoughts

Whilst we didn’t get the chance to visit everywhere the east coast offers, we received a nice sampling.

Some other spots are Teletubbies Hill and Suwehan Beach which we would have loved to visit if we had time.

The views of Diamond Beach alone, however, make this trip more than worthwhile and it’s beauty & perfection is something that will stay etched in our minds for a long time to come.