El Nido: Day trip to Nacpan Beach

  • Nacpan Beach, often regarded as being one of the best beaches in all of Asia, is an easy day trip away from El Nido. 

    Once just a desolate stretch of untouched golden sand it is now quite popular, with several bars and restaurants around. There is a Mad Monkey Hostel here also, providing budget accommodation and nightly beach parties.

Getting to Nacpan Beach

A boat ashore at Nacpan Beach
  • What was once a bumpy, uncomfortable motorbike ride from El Nido town has become much more convenient in recent years. There are now several more options to get to Nacpan Beach:
  • By shuttle bus: This is what we did. Comfortable and stress-free ride in an air-conditioned shuttle bus. The only negative is that you have to leave and arrive according to their schedule. Bookings can be made here.
  • By tricycle: Every tricycle driver in El Nido will offer you a roundtrip tour to Nacpan Beach. Cheaper than the shuttle with the options to stop at some places on the way and dictate the times you leave and arrive. 
  • By motorbike/scooter: This will take you 45 minutes to an hour. The road deteriorates quite badly towards the end of the ride so extra care is required. The cheapest option.

Exploring Nacpan Beach

I 'Heart' Nacpan Sign

We were dropped off at Sunmai Bar, a beach club-style bar & restaurant that serves as a symbol of the changing times that are happening at Nacpan Beach. Just outside it lies an Instagram-worthy ‘I Heart Nacpan’ sign placed in the sand.

This area is the main hub and where you will find a few restaurants and basic shops. Further down along the beach is Mad Monkey Hostel where you can sip on cocktails, eat ice cream and play beach volleyball with other travellers.

Locals at Nacpan Beach

Past here you will be free to explore the beach paradise that is Nacpan Beach. There is a viewpoint that gives you a view of Nacpan’s distinct twin beaches. Nacpan Beach refers to the wider stretch of sand whilst Calitang Beach is the other side.

Nacpan Beach has 4km of perfect sand so you’ll surely be able to find a slice of paradise for yourself to relax and unwind for the day.

Last Thoughts

An idle boat on Nacpan Beach

If you have over 4 days to spend in El Nido (or you are obsessed with long stretches of sand) the trip out to Nacpan Beach is worthwhile. 

We personally weren’t blown away and wouldn’t prioritise it over a couple of Island-Hopping Tours.