Milos: 3 Days in the Untouched Greek Island

Feature Milos, one of the lesser known Greek islands, has a lot to offer for all travellers. Unique beaches, coastal adventures, welcoming villages and a surprisingly rich history are some aspects that make Milos the perfect active and relaxed travel destination. We caught a morning flight from Athens to Milos, hopped into a taxi upon […]

Athens: A Short Stay in the Ancient Capital

Feature Before we set off to the Greek Islands for 8 days, we had 2 full days to explore Athens, the ancient capitol of Greece. View Our Summary Day 1 Walking tour with Athens Free Walking Tour Athens Central Market Acropolis Museum Dinner and wine tasting at Cinque Day 2 Food excursion in Monastiriki and surrounding […]

Santorini: 5 Days in the Most Famous Greek Island

Feature Is Santorini overrated? We knew that the stunning landscapes and gorgeous sunsets would be lovely, but would we be surrounded by a Disneyfied version of Greek culture and unbearable hordes of tourists? Santorini is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world so it’s natural to have these fears. What we found […]