Bali: A Perfect 3 Weeks Away

Featured Itinerary After spending several weeks across many different areas, we’ve put together what we consider to be a perfect 3-week itinerary. We believe this gives you a great taste of the unique adventures and delights that Bali has to offer. Why Bali? Week 1: Leaving Bali & Hitting Up the Islands The Gili Islands […]

Canggu: Our Favourite Places

Top Places Whilst the beaches of Canggu don’t match the likes of Uluwatu down south or off the mainland towards the Gili Islands, this beachside area offers something else. Canggu is Bali’s epicentre of cool. A home for expats and influencers where Bali’s unique holiday flavour is experimented with and refined. This is the place […]

Mount Batur: The Sunrise Trek

Feature Mt. Batur is Bali’s second tallest mountain standing at 1,717 metres. It’s an active volcano that has a special reverence to the Balinese people. Climbing the mountain to witness a spectacular sunrise is a popular activity with a lot of agencies on the island being able to arrange a tour for you. Group or […]

Sidemen: An Authentic Slice of Bali

Feature Sidemen is a quiet village in East Bali famous for its rice terraces and promise of an authentic look at life on Bali. This is the place to go if you want to relax, unwind, enjoy stunning views and people watch. Often referred to as what ‘Ubud was like 25 years ago’, a couple […]

Nusa Penida: Exploring the East Coast

Feature We had to leave Nusa penida earlier than exepected today so unfotunately had to cut our trip short. This meant we didn’t get the opportunity to climb down to Diamond Beach or see some of the other areas the east coast is famous for. However, what we did see made up for it and […]

Nusa Penida: Exploring the West Coast

Feature We started our day bright and early at 7:30am. We had a few places we wanted to visit and our plan was quite ambitious. We met our driver, Simanta, and headed to our first stop, the now very famous Kelingking Beach. Kelingking Beach Kelingking Beach and alternate views We arrived at around 8:35am and […]

The Gili Islands: What to do with 4 days on Gili T

Feature Getting there There are several ways to get from Bali to the Gili Islands. After spending quite a bit of time doing the research, we believe the fastest and easiest way by far is by a fast ferry, of which there are many operators in a competitive market. Some companies have better reputations than […]

Ubud and Around: What to Do in 3 Days

Feature When picturing Bali, it’s easy to think about drunk Aussies partying in Kuta and Seminyak. We delayed visiting Bali for a long time due to this reputation, not to mention that whenever we had time to go it was often during Indonesia’s wet season. It’s a scary thought to be confined to a room […]